Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Message from the PR Dept.

Dear Readers,

I put up a poll on my other blog, Half Baked, in the hope of discovering how to better please my readers and possibly attract more. For some reason, I was unable to put one up here (I deleted all my cookies and lost 5lb... in my dreams... but my layout page is still being crabby)

So, while waiting for my next "real" post to come up, please mosey over there and give your $0.02. Who knows, you may even find yourself enjoying my other blog, which I think I myself prefer. The poll is on the upper right in the sidebar.


A Guten Moed,


rivki-poo said...

FOOFOONESS... Your words are like the sweetness of chocolate (on a white cadillac) ;-) you got a nice design though... You should put some of your pics up, you know, the artsy ones, when you havent been at a computer in a week and your laptop is acting funny... Start trying to come up with new foods to cook actually so you don't go COMPLETELY crazy just doing the same stuff over and over cuz it's way too boring for ur life!How are your toes...? during the night it's chilly and always cold and u need to wear sweatshirts and all that, but during the day it's definately still warm...
Okee dokes, gonna go get crackin... i have 3 words for you....and then i have to run too work..Youre toooooooo F*%&^ING cute!! i said three cuz that blasphomous word isnt really spelled out :)

i havent been at a computer in a week and my laptop is acting funny, one of these days i'm going to learn how to use this thing...til then :p...

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