Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm baaaaack!

Hello again to all my (ahem) loyal followers. I have decided to reopen this blog because I am feeling burnt out and need a good dose of Torah Thought.

I started reading Ohr Gedalyahu about Chanuka a couple of Shabboses ago. It looks really deep and meaningful; I intend to continue and will try iy"H to post some lessons from there when I get a moment.

Can't post without a Torah Thought, hey. For now, though, since it is late and I'm getting incoherent, let me get away with just linking you (all my anxious listeners) to a really great class by Rebbetzin Heller (a personal favorite) on The title is "Practical Ways of Changing Speech Patterns" and the streaming version is wonderfully free. Enjoy, learn, and grow!

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