Monday, June 25, 2007


After not posting over the past two weeks, I realize that it is time to formally pull down my shutters for the summer. (See HB for tentative comeback dates)

As I prepared to temporarily close up shop, I looked back on about a year of blogging with mixed feelings. While there is no doubt that I wasted way too much time online in the process, it was definitely a growing experience for me.

I therefore dedicate this post to you, my fellow J-bloggers, who have led me on this fascinating journey. Through my interactions with you, I feel that I am much more bonded with the various stripes of the Jewish nation, more open and understanding, more positive and caring.

to Nuch, who has shown me that there is more to the American Chusid than bad grammar...
to SWFM (and Poochie) who rises every day...
to Dreamer, who helps me look up even when she's being negative...
to DOT(L), who puts depth into words (and music)...
to Kasamba, who even in her absence makes laughter always possible...
to Jacp, who opens her journal and my eyes...
to the various lurkers and commentators, who have been a great audience...

Just wanted to let you all know,
that while I hope to get a life and stop spending time on this stuff,
it's too late -- you're part of who I am
even if I manage to break away
you've made a difference
just by being you.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

There is a real post at the tip of my fingers, but no time to put it out tonight.
For now, I just wanted to share:

Aish audio has a great lecture by Rabbi Wagensberg about Parshas Korach, this week's Torah portion. It is available for free online listening. I use quite frequently, but I decided to post about this one here because it particularly relates to my earlier post about being dependent, and I drew a lot of chizuk from it.

Another free lecture that also relates somewhat to the same topic, given by Rebbetzin Heller, one of my all-time favorites, is on my highly reccommended list for all Jewish women (probably good for men too, but I wouldn't know...) I am trying to remember which it is, but meanwhile it can be found on this page. It may be the one about changing speech patterns.
Kiddush Levana painting by Zalman Kleinman. If you're wondering what this has to do with anything, you'll have to listen to the Korach speech! I can't explain "on one foot."

Friday, June 08, 2007


When reading the advice of people greater than me
I wonder...

Why bother?
Is he talking to me?
I am so far removed from that, it isn't even practical!

Then I remember...
We are all on a journey
to the same place.

We may not be at the same point
but if I make sure to stay on the same road
as those who are where I'd like to be
then I'm going in the right direction.

The actual examples in the mussar books don't relate to me so well, but if I read and learn from them I can make sure to take steps that will put me on that path.

Bon voyage!