Sunday, May 06, 2007

Labels, the sequel

{The only label suitable for a child}


Anonymous said...

You have designed a label which says it All!
(But, unfortunately, as you and The Dreamer have pointed out, sometimes it is the parents who interfere with a child's educational needs.)

(On a more positive note, I noticed that one Yeshiva responded to the crop of bumper-stickers which read "My Child was Student of the Month"
by countering with these bumper-stickers:
"We Honor All of Our Students" - and the name of the Yeshiva.
I'm sure that you'll appreciate that.

Bas~Melech said...

Thanks, anon.
The bumper sticker is a sweet idea, but I think the "honor thy student" idea is part (cause or effect? byproduct? nota?) of the "magia li" ("it's coming to me") mentality so visible in todays children. I see it in my students SO clearly... Yuck. Maybe try "We are proud of our students."

Maybe I should disable anonymous comments. I am so curious to see who is reading my blogs. OTOH, maybe some wouldn't post if they had to identify themselves?